• Fastest Growing City in Adams County!

    Commerce City is the fastest growing city in Adams County, Colorado. Here's a graph the county produced that clearly shows Commerce City is #1!

    Derby Lighting and Signage Plan

    For Derby Signage planning dates click here.  For their Facebook page, click here.


    Enterprise Zone Tax Credits

    Are you located in an Enterprise Zone? The state of Colorado offers a number of tax credits to companies who invest in an EZ. They include an Investment Tax Credit (3 percent for equipment purchases), Job Training, New Employee Credit ($1,100 per new job), Health Insurance ($1,000 per insured job available for the first two years in state enterprise zones), Research and Development Tax Credit (up to three percent, based on the increase of a company’s research and development expenditures within an enterprise zone during the previous two income tax years), Vacant Building Rehab, Commercial Vehicle Investment Tax Credit, and more. 

    Great New Restaurant

    Commerce City's north range has been hungry for a sit down restaurant for years now. The owners of Riverdale Wine & Spirits have opened a new restaurant, Royal Nepal. The food is fantastic! Yes, we're biased here at the Chamber - Peter and Kabita are members. Don't take our word for it. Head on over to 15550 E 103rd Pl, formerly Stellato's Deli (the sign is still above the new Royal Nepal). The authentic Nepali food is delectable, and they have Indian food too. Tell 'em the Chamber sent you!

    Help Shape Commerce City

    Commerce City is seeking individuals to serve as members on the Cultural Council, Capital Improvement Projects Citizen Advisory Committee, Derby Review Board, Planning Commission and Quality Community Foundation. Visit http://www.c3gov.com/civicalerts.aspx?AID=1961 for more info.

    The Centennial Club is formed

    On September 6th, 2016, a group of us set out to see if we could get 100 companies to invest $100 in the idea of starting a Chamber of Commerce in Commerce City. We set an aggressive goal of year end. We said these first 100 companies would comprise our Centennial Club.
    We're pleased to announce the Centennial Club is formed. And 18 days ahead of schedule too! You can view the Centennial Club here.

    We salute Sunshine Plumbing, Heating & Air!

    One of our Centennial Club members, Sunshine Plumbing, Heating & Air, was named a 2016 Colorado Company to Watch. We salute Susan Frew and the whole team over at Sunshine for all their hard work that led up to this well deserved award. We've been watching Sunshine grow for some time, now the entire state of Colorado has been put on notice - this is a company to watch!

    Library District needs a board member

    The Rangeview Library District is in need of a new board member. There are openings on some of the other boards Adams County has. Interested parties can learn more by clicking here:  http://www.adcogov.org/citizen-advisory-boards-and-commissions

    Thank you Centennial Club

    The Commerce City Chamber of Commerce salutes The Centennial Club, our first 100 members who stepped up and made the Chamber happen! Click here for a list of The Centennial Club.


    We are a 501(c)6 non-profit corporation not affiliated with the city of Commerce City. Click here for the city of Commerce City (C3). As a 501(c)6 non-profit corporation serving the Commerce City community, our financial records are available for public inspection upon request.